Tuesday, November 17, 2009


...For the past 23 years that I've been living, when I think of it a while back, life seems so short.

Back when I was in Early Primary School, I wanted to be a Scientist, Marine Biologist, influenced by constant barrage of National Geographic show in TV. Back then, my believed is that being a scientist is cool.

Then when I'm in Standard 6, my father bought me my own personal computer. Being exalted with graphics, tweaking and playing with computers, I changed my ambition from scientist to computer savvy, thus changing my idol from Stephen Hawking to the nerdiest, richest man on the Planet... Bill Gates.

Being influenced by peer pressure (Azharan, Pok Nik, Mat Jun, Mokhsin, Mat Zharif, and Pak Chap, all of you at fault here) in playing addictive online games like Counter Strike (still in BETA) and legendary StarCraft, we tempted to "fly" away from our respective BITARA school at midnight to nearest CC and then get "kantoi" by the honorable wardens, Pak Hasan and get canned by Pak Karam, the principal.

My thought and ambition at that time was to be a Computer Entrepreneur or at least be a decent Game Designer.

The dream lives on till SPM and after the results were out, I vow to take a computer related courses to pursue my dream...

Not realizing that with my poor performance in Add Math, I take Alpha IT in MMU and lo and behold, I was dumbfounded to find that with my poor performance in Math, I want to pursue another talent of mine... drawing.

Thus began my fool's dream that I want to be a concept artist and changing my idol again; to Range Murata. After I blown my studies in MMU, I've become an animator... (Sound like a professional, but it doesn't really) in a company called Makmur Megah Sdn. Bhd. but short-lived at about 2 month after I got my offer in UiTM in Industrial Design for my diploma studies... (related to Range Murata because he himself was a industrial designer so I assume that I will get the same exposure like him).

...Yes, industrial design is interesting... with lots of prospectus job to cover and skill craft I've got to master... but yet again, I don't feel that this is what I want to pursue.
(My poor skill in Model Making just pissed me off...T__T)

When the 3 years term for my diploma has come to an end, I've yet to determine that, "Must I further my studies in Industrial Design or another?"

THEN I choose Graphic Design for my current degree studies and still confused whether I'll pursue a job as a designer or not...

Then it occurred to me...

1. Am I a type that get bored too easily?
- I'm right brained. Google it.
2. What is my "prerogative"?
- I like to do as I please, as long as it not contradict with Islam law...
3. What is my purpose actually?
- After reviewing it many times and observing what I've done so far, I'm fit to be a king, and want to be one.

...but seriously, what is the best ambition and occupation or jobs that fit the characteristic?

Art Director?

p/s: 23. Am I still too young or just old to think something like this purpose something?


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