Thursday, November 5, 2009

...deep sheet? O_o

 31st October 2009

The not-to-do during 1st date:
1. Don't have a well planned destination.
2. Don't have enough money.
3. Do not use public transport during peak hours or weekend.
4. Don't be late.
5. Use near depleted charged handphones.

...and yet I've done all of this. Siao.

Komuter Berasap when on a trip to KL Sentral; stranded at Setia Jaya

 ...thank God it is ok in the end... =3 (Says me. nguaks)

Unique movie as I've never seen a movie depicting Antarctica as good as this movie.
(White Desert eh?)

Word of the Day: Dipsh**.


Bler plak nk 2nd date? Muahahahahahahaha

1st November 2009

Hitchhiking my father to Shah Alam and he brought me to one of his meeting with his client at Concorde.

Pose maut di Lobby Concorde.

...then meeting di kedai mamak tepi jalan... (Ingatkan kat Hard Rock Cafe. Nguaks.)
His client aka Developer aka Tokey Kerapu n Lobster baru balik dr Paris.

"U tahu dak Dato A**** baru2 ni lari US... ramai org cari dier..."

"I've think I'm underpaid. Project hari2 tangki bocor u tolong cari kaki bole?"

"Anak I xminat biznes... anak u belajaq xhbh lg dah nk bwat biznes... camner u bwat aa?"

"Budak2 zaman2 skrg bkn cam dulu... nk joli jer kerja depa..."

bla bla bla

2nd November 2009

Bwat flash... T___T

Thank God finish jugak in the end...

Moral of the Day: Don't do kerje LAST MINUTE!!!

3rd November 2009

Presentation... and then the projector not working.

At night went to office with our new partners and along the way, heavy rainfall stow us away below a LRT pathway...

Word of the Day: Tiarap!!!

4th November 2009

...Golek2 while complaining why is it the Internet always DOWN...

Finding of the Day: Windows Live bes lagi dari YM?? O_o


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u are sooo in a deeep sheeetttt.

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LOL ur friend la ajar!!! =_='

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