Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good or Bad Experience Let to Great LIFE... o_0


I've read the book before, but when I see the LIVE ACTION,
its actually AMAZING and BREATHTAKING.

Before, I went to Penang to see an event there and feel the "HYPER"...

Man, even though the event is smaller than one in KL, the SPIRIT and DETERMINATION shown over there is GREAT and INSPIRING!!!

I also go there to see my good friends, Izhar, who work as an intern in MOTOROLA Penang. He is living with my old friends who was also a MOTOROLA employee,
Zack (Zulhelmi a.k.a Orang Kaya),
and Amar Hisham who also an intern in one of a company based at Seberang Jaya, Penang.


Great movies surely bring great thought behind it.
When we think about it, the movies such as "The Shawshank Redemption" and "The Pianist" makes us think that whatever things that lead us to this predicament, present, please don't blamed LIFE or PEOPLE to be cruel...

Or religion to that matter.

I like this statement from the movie,
"Religion is not perfect not because the religion, but the worshipper is people and people is not perfect."
(something like that... I can't remember the exact statement...)

I've read some interesting article about the Law of Attraction from The Secret,

"If you are looking for ways to be offended you will find it. If you are looking for ways to be loved or famous or friendly you will find them. Who do you associate with, what do you read, who do you talk about, what kind of things you sort for entertainment all play a role. When energy of love,cheerfulness,kindness, peace is brought into your problems then the problems cannot survive. Energy is the vehicle that you receive stuff on, so the energy you are sending out, look at that as rational with what you are receiving back in your life.

Why do you keep attracting that which you attract in your life and what can you do to attract something different in your life? Firstly take responsibility and accept all things in your life. Say to yourself I have been responsible for attracting all these things in my life and now I am going to work at it for a certain period of time of attracting something new in my life. It begins with thought, when you raise your energy then you impact those around you in new ways. Meditation slows down thought and raises your frequency and our energy body radiates out.

Be careful and don't give out lower energies like anger, shame, hatred,self-pity,hatred. If we radiate this out then we attract this back. If you react to these lower energies you create a magnified lower field. Instead of reacting, act with higher energy."




blacklacuna said...

haaaa nice one! i feel energetic suddenly!!! hiyaaaaahh!!! k be serious...

u really did a lot of research my friend, and readings too. thats hella different from what ive knew bout u. pretty impressive, keep up d good energy u soar within this limited blog space. u can fly higher. trust.

FaFaFa said...

u read too much!

i'll try to read the secret tuuuuu ok.
later, not now, i still got tons of books to read.


-Fana- said...

rajinnya ;>

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