Thursday, July 23, 2009


I don't know why... but I think all of the subjects that I take this semester is QUITE interesting and mind-blowing...

for example: CREATIVE THINKING :)

Miss/Mdm. Farah taught us how to be a creative person and explained to us what is the behavior of that particular person:
1. Each of his/her day is UNIQUE
2. Each time with new lifestyle, so to speak DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE
3. Talking awkward... maybe quite weird for an ordinary person
4. Always in his/her own world... never cared or ignored about anything not related to his/her interest
5. Always eager to try something new....

You know what? I don't think I'm a "so-called-creative-geek" but I always in a dilemma before that my friends always mocking me that I talk crypticly and say something no one will understand...

And then I always say that I want to do something different and unique everyday... just because I know I'm not a ROUTINE guy that always follow a strict schedule and see the same things everyday... I WILL GET BORED TO DEATH!!!

Not "undiscipline" so to speak but correct in terms of ADVENTUROUS.


Then, in class ART DIRECTION (with DATO' AHMAD) and PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND PLANNING I (with EN. ZUL) we tend to learn how to become entrepreneur, leader (art director) and learn how to manage projects. For some reason, I felt so GRATEFUL that at last I get to learn something related to how to become BOSS in all my degree years... because before this I tend to think that our country education system want to programmed us how to become COOLIE, or "makan-gaji-person" with a life that is so boringggg... (bangun, mkn, kerja, tido life... you all know what I mean).


Maybe our life is a choice that we can either choose :
1. Live DIFFERENTLY (3% population of the world)
2. Ignored and just go with the flow... (97% population of the world)

From what I know, I already know which one that I've already decided...


p/s: after this, i want to post WEIRD vid or WEIRD story that is OUT OF THE BOX... I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone and do something different... hehehehehehe


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